State Taxes

San Diego Tax Law Group’s State and Local Tax practice represents individuals and businesses in tax controversies in various states and municipalities at all stages of the administrative and litigation process, from audit to appeal to trial.

With the unprecedented state budget deficits and prospective revenue shortfalls, the state and local tax authorities became very creative and aggressive in enforcing various tax laws and computing tax assessments. Anyone may find himself fighting against an aggressive state-taxing agency whose auditors are using the strictest interpretation of the state and local tax laws.

San Diego Tax Law Group’s team is experienced with the state’s audit techniques and can help manage an audit, negotiate with the auditors, or strategize with the tax personnel to significantly reduce the client’s tax exposure. We also try to minimize any potential liability by identifying opportunities for offsets of credits, overpayments and refunds.

San Diego Tax Law Group offers services and provides representation in the following state and local tax areas:

Audit Defense and Administrative Appeals. It is important to take action as soon as you receive the first examination notice from the state. The state agencies generally move a lot quicker and more aggressive than the IRS on federal level, and if you don’t do anything you will find yourself in collections faster than you think. Our highly qualified team can work with the auditor and help you resolve the audit at the best outcome possible.

Administrative Hearings and Appeals. San Diego Tax Law Group handles all of the steps in your audit. When representing you at the administrative hearings with the state tax agency, we will provide the experience and expertise you need to achieve your objectives.

Negotiated Settlements. The settlement of difficult matters often involves approaching the auditor with the best alternative solution and persuasion. Our team can help you to develop that alternative resolution and get your matter settled without the time and costs of litigation or an appeal.

Voluntary Disclosure Agreements. Some states will limit the look back period, negotiate resolution and waive penalties for taxpayers who voluntarily come forward to pay back taxes. San Diego Tax Law Group can assist you in determining whether this is an option for you.

If you are having issues with a state or local tax agency, contact San Diego Tax Law Group today for effective and experienced assistance.