Taxes: International

International tax compliance is relevant to businesses that want to expand in the international markets as well as foreign companies that intend to conduct business in the United States. The international tax laws are extremely complex and strictly enforced. One step in the wrong direction may subject a company to expansive tax liabilities and penalties. An experienced international tax attorney can help you to structure your business, minimize the exposure, and increase the revenue.

San Diego Tax Law Group works with international tax clients worldwide. We advise start-ups and entrepreneurs as well as established enterprises on licensing requirements, trade registration, international tax regulations and tax law compliance. Our clients come from a wide variety of sectors such as manufacturing, Internet marketing, educational products, medical research, and commercial real estate development. Licensed in the United States and the European Union, attorney Milda Goeriz is uniquely qualified in the international tax field and provides competent and efficient assistance even with the most complex international tax issues.

In addition, international tax rules and regulations concern individuals who live, study, or work abroad, and those who relocate to the United States. Most of the international taxpayers have foreign accounts or assets that may be reportable to the United States government. An attorney experienced in the international tax matters can advise you regarding the disclosure requirements and rectify the previous non-disclosure of the foreign income or financial accounts. A tax attorney is able to guide you through the complex rules and regulations, and make sure that you avoid penalties for non-disclosure.

The IRS has several Voluntary Disclosure Programs that an individual taxpayer may qualify for. The requirements for these programs are vastly different, and assistance of a tax attorney is crucial to your ability to successfully navigate the various rules. San Diego Tax Law Group will tailor the disclosure strategy to your individual circumstances and will handle the IRS communications on your behalf.

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