Tax Controversy and Litigation

Whether you’re having issues with the Internal Revenue Service or a state tax agency, we can help. San Diego Tax Law Group provides guidance and representation in all of the following matters:

IRS Audits

IRS audits may center on technical questions over math errors or forgotten tax forms or the validity of the claims and deductions on your tax return.  Knowledge of the tax laws and the IRS procedure are essential to effectively defend your rights and protect your assets.

IRS Appeals

IRS Appeals is an independent organization within the IRS, which helps taxpayers to resolve the IRS disputes without going to Tax Court. The Appeal’s mission is to help the taxpayers and the government to find a solution to their disagreement. An appeal request must be submitted within 30 days after the applicable IRS compliance, such as the Revenue Agent in an audit, has made the decision. Time is of the essence and the documents submitted must meet specific content and form requirements.

Tax Controversy San Diego Tax Law Group

Tax Court Litigation

If the case cannot be resolved at the administrative level, we can file the petition and represent you in the United States Tax Court. The Tax Court is the only venue where your matter can be litigated without paying the liability assessed by the IRS first. Tax litigation is a highly technical and unique, and assistance of an experience attorney is vital to the success of your case.

IRS Collections

The IRS is one of the most powerful creditors with broad authority to damage your credit report, garnish your wages, and levy your property. If you owe money to the IRS, it’s important to take swift action to stay the collections. We can assist you by obtaining the non-collectible status, settling your case by offer in compromise, or setting up an installment payment plan.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Spouses are generally jointly and individually liable for the tax liability assessed on a joint income tax return. However, an innocent spouse who had no knowledge of the defects in the tax return may be able to escape the liability attributable to the other spouse’s failure to properly report income.

Employment and Sales Taxes

Businesses with employees are required to withhold employment taxes and file employer tax returns. We can help you handle any disputes stemming from payroll and employment tax issues.

If you sell products or services within California or another jurisdiction that charges an income tax, you must establish a system to properly charge, collect, and remit the appropriate sales taxes. Failure to do so may cause an audit and assesment of penalties.

International Issues

Offshore transactions are highly scrutinized and violations are severely punished. It is critical that you ensure the international transactions compliance with federal tax laws especially if you hold funds overseas to minimize the United States taxes.

If you have foreign earnings or hold money in an account outside of the United States not yet reported to the IRS, you may be eligible to voluntarily report the funds and catch up on your taxes in exchange for reduced penalties.

If you’re looking for help with these or other tax problems, contact San Diego Tax Law Group to schedule a consultation.

“… I was lucky to have been referred to Tax Attorney Milda Goeriz by a friend, who has been in the same situation before and used her services. Attorney Goeriz applied her expertise in tax law and her knowledge of accounting, and secured my Innocent Spouse Tax Relief. Today I am relieved from this unfair debt burden because of this attorney’s ability to take advantage of all exceptions applicable to my legal process.”
– Agnes F., Tax Client